Operation not found in this endpoint

Oct 20, 2009 at 3:41 PM

Code: Operation not found in this endpoint
reason: MSE Broker was unable to find an appropriate operation for this message.
I was getting this error after importing a new version of an operation into  MSE 6.2. Both versions were working by themselves, although in the newer version I had to add an import statement.

I ran SQL profiler and checked what was happening, and then went through the source code with reflector, and found that the problem came from this method:

public static bool ValidateOperationVersionRequest(XmlElement request, Guid opVersionID, SqlTransaction txn, SqlConnection conn);
Declaring Type: Microsoft.MSE.Catalog.Module.DAL
Assembly: Microsoft.MSE.Catalog.Module, Version=

Which appeared to be returning false, and following the call chain this would lead to the error reported above.

I saw that there was a possibility that validation errors could have caused the problem, as an operation with more than one version is forced to go through schema validation, and noticed that although the validation errors in the method are not recorded, there was console output. I wrote a console application that called into the MSE dll and executed this method with a test method. This showed that my test messages actually had invalid data, I fixed this and the problem disappeared.

So, if you are getting this fault in an operation with different versions, it could well be a validation error. Hopefully this is fixed in the most recent version, but this post might help those of you who still have 6.2 in production like I have.