Continuous Integration

Topics: Usage Scenarios
May 27, 2009 at 9:53 AM

Hello all,

We are now evaluating the Managed Services Engine and its functionalities to address the governance issue of our Services platform.

We have a question regarding Continuous Integration processes.

We have a working continuous integration process that uses CruiseControl .NET to orchestrate all the tasks of the build process:

- build with MSBuild

- unit testing with NUnit

- Deploy again with MSBuild Tasks (deploy to IIS)

- integration testing (what i mean as integration tests is testing the services platform as if it was a client app consuming the services) also with NUnit

Is there any guidelines to deploy services on MSE as part of a continuous integration process?

For example using a MSBuild Task? Or any CruiseControl add-in that can help us on that?

Thanks in advance