MSE exposing my contracts as Message Contracts

Apr 26, 2009 at 6:35 PM
I have WCF services that are hosted on IIS 7 but exposed through MSE, and when I generate a service proxy or even add a service reference from the MSE url, the svcutil generates message contracts for my operations. If I generate a service proxy or add service reference from the IIS service then it doesn't have a problem of generating the reference correctly (i.e. no message contracts). Has anyone seen this problem before especially when dealing with complex types? 

May 6, 2009 at 10:44 PM
This issue should now be resolved by the May update of MSE. In order to avoid MessageContracts for your service operations. Please note that this will only work if all the operations hosted at that MSE Endpoint are from the same WSDL

You will have to take the following steps:
1. Open ModelViewer and open that MSE Endpoint that you want to update
2. Uncheck "Wrap Message" checkbox for that Endpoint
3. Make sure that the "Service Namespace" assigned to that MSE Endpoint is the same as the targetNamespace used by the WSDL to which all those operations belong
4. Save the Endpoint

At this point, your proxy code should not have any message contracts.