December 2009 CTP is final and last release of MSE

Topics: Usage Scenarios
Nov 15, 2011 at 1:42 AM

We have updated the project home page to reflect the following:

Status & Roadmap

The December 2009 CTP Release was the final release of the MSE. There are variety of Microsoft products that can be leveraged to build loosely coupled applications and this article references many of the approaches, How to Integrate a BizTalk Server Application with Service Bus Queues and Topics.

Thanks for all your comments and suggestions over the past 5 releases of the MSE.

In closing, we want to direct you to section 3.(E) of the License Agreement regarding the support clause. As a CTP release we do not recommend this be used in production or provide support. If you wish to explore additional options for service virtualization, please contact your closest Microsoft Consulting Services office.