v6.2 CTP Release Announcement

Oct 30, 2007 at 6:24 PM
I am very happy to say that today at the SOA & BP Conference (http://www.mssoaandbpconference.com/), we are announcing the availability of the V6.2 CTP of the Managed Services Engine (MSE). This release (http://www.codeplex.com/servicesengine) is the culmination of three years of working with customers to address the challenges of real world SOA and a lot of sweat and passion from some of the brightest architects and consultants in the industry. At the same time, this is just the beginning of the public roadmap for the MSE as we are just scratching the surface on the applications of service virtualization through metadata to enable a higher level of agility for organizations.

The intent of this release is to allow the IT community to understand the approach and architecture of the MSE and determine how it can be applied to your organizations and business scenarios. It is expected that many of you may will take this solution and extend it through one of its many extensibility points. Regardless of who extends it and whether others utilize those extensions, the core components (Service Repository and Runtime Engine) of this architecture remain consistent across industries, applications, and scenarios so that everyone can leverage the same foundation to take advantage of the very best platform for service virtualization – Windows.

So I invite you to grab the current release, play with it, test it, extend it, and apply it. I also encourage you to provide feedback on your experiences through the CodePlex discussion forums as I am certain you are all addressing scenarios we have not even conceived yet. Thank you for your continued interest in the MSE and enjoy!